We partner with our clients

We become an extension of their company and deliver an end product that includes some unexpected highlights, drives & supports the targeted message and exceeds expectations.

Strike Up Your Brand has run the gamut on the types of events that we have produced. That said, every event is unique and its own entity.

By partnering, we get to know the Why, which in turn creates an extraordinary Experience.

Goal: National Corporate Leadership Meeting

Challenge: Change leadership thinking from individual business units to one TEAM!

color_strip2What does it take? Think TEAM—the strength of the brand is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Attendees arrive with protecting their “territory” in mind. Attendees leave with one goal in mind: the success of the TEAM as a whole.

TEAM focused content in general sessions & breakouts, as well as visual branding of the meeting space, giveaways and print materials serve to focus on the central theme of one TEAM.

Goal: Q4 Franchise Meeting and Tradeshows

Challenge: Revamp & rejuvenate an annual event by STREAMLINING the experience

What does it take? Make it user-friendly. By improving upon location, sharpening the agenda, and enhancing the tradeshow shopping experience, we were able to effectively STREAMLINE the attendee experience.

Let’s face it: Efficient use of time, convenience, and the takeaway are extremely important to the end user. In most cases, the attendee is taking time away from sales & company management to attend. STREAMLINING communication, registration, agendas, food & beverage, and vendor accessibility create suspicion that you might have had the attendee in mind all along. What could be better than that?

Goal: Private Party “60th Birthday Bash” Chairman & Former CEO

Challenge: Create an entirely PERSONAL experience for the honoree & close friends


What does it take? A flawless plan, the perfect theme and an iconic location. In this case, a top secret affair was planned that incorporated the birthday guy’s lively PERSONAL past & present. The guests were intrinsically involved on a PERSONAL level from ‘Save the Date’ to the final dance.

By working closely with friends and family, we were able to produce a joyous event that created an emotional impact for each guest and a memory to store away for a lifetime. A PERSONAL touch goes a long way.

Goal: Franchise Association Convention

Challenge: Recognize the brand and outshine a spectacular property with CREATIVITY


What does it take? Catchy slogans, topnotch graphic design elements, not-your-average tchotchkes, use of color and many, many trips to Hobby Lobby. With a truly unique host property, CREATIVE and personal touches were a must to further enhance the attendee experience.

With the property exclusive to the group for a week, we truly made it our own by CREATIVELY branding every nook and cranny of the 43,000 acres with logos or simply the color orange. So CREATIVE were we that a motorist exited the main highway and followed the hand-painted signs down the long, winding road in hopes to find their favorite burger joint.

Goal: Corporate “Trip of a Lifetime”Incentive Trip

Challenge: Award attendees with an EXPERIENCE that could never be duplicated


What does it take? Exceed the attendees expectations with a surprise at every turn. With the power of groups we are able to turn up the volume on attendee EXPERIENCE – exclusive African safaris, outdoor movie screenings, private lanai picnics, yacht excursions, and personal photo journalism.

The goal is to deliver an over-the-top reward for superior performance. The EXPERIENCE that a winner takes away from a well-executed incentive trip boosts morale immeasurably. The buzz associated with a “wow” EXPERIENCE permeates through the workforce and provides long-lasting motivation.

Goal: National Q4 Sales Meeting

Challenge: Change the attitude about the BRAND for an entire nationwide sales force.


What does it take? It takes BRANDING! Attendees arrived without a lot of confidence….and left with a feeling that they just might take over the world.

From visually “owning” a meeting location through color, logo and theme BRANDING to producing motivating sales meetings that spoke to each individual, we were able to instill in the attendees the idea that the company’s BRAND is one of the most successful and recognized BRANDS in the nation.

Goal: Mandatory Regional Meetings

Challenge: Create an environment that allows the client & attendees to FOCUS on the content and purpose, ensuring bang for their mandatory buck.


What does it take? Start by shifting the FOCUS to the information and opportunity by introducing streamlined registration & punctual communication.

By working with the client to ensure an efficient and straightforward agenda, we developed a more attractive takeaway that allowed the guests to forget the mandatory aspect and enjoy the content & camaraderie.

Goal: Awards Celebration Featuring the Best of the Best

Challenge: Highlight the Best of the Best Award Winners by HONORING them from every angle.


What does it take? After three years, keep it fresh. From the moment the winners received the invitation, the guests know the purpose of this event is to HONOR them.

Each winner and his/her guest arrived in style for a relaxing few days of nothing but kudos. With such an incredible concentration of high performers, the biggest challenge is getting them not to work! Place them in a stunning hotel, known for service and pampering. Transform the ballroom into an exclusive dinner party. Infuse the room with orchestral strings playing modern pop and rock. Make the stage their pedestal HONORING – with words, in pictures and with a unique award.

Goal: Four Day Wedding Celebration

Challenge: Create an unforgettable wedding experience for an out-of-town audience for a former CEO’s daughter, down to the last DETAIL


What does it take? A giant leap out of our comfort zone! Whether corporate or wedding planning, our attention to DETAIL is exquisite.

The thunder and lightening didn’t matter when guests were welcomed to Texas with a down-home party, complete with a personalized entry of the couple’s history, bluegrass sounds, signature Bourbon and Tequila Bars, a branded photo booth in an elevator shaft and passionate speeches. DETAILS abounded throughout the weekend – custom printed materials outlining every move, ‘just-in-case’ umbrellas in the bride’s colors, or a customized Gin bar. Memories were made in the DETAILS at every turn with a can’t-stay-in-your-chair band, flawless table settings, glimpses of their new monogram on napkins, pillows, chair backs and bluebonnet vials. The weekend wrapped up with a lazy brunch on the lake. Flowers, cornhole games, an enormous bulletin of the weekend’s photos and hashtags served to spur on conversations and new memories.

No one would have known we don’t plan weddings every single day!

Goal: Global Business Conference

Challenge: Create a THREAD of past, present and future to bring together a company back to where it all began 50 years ago.


What does it take? Maintaining a balance between celebrating where we came from and looking forward to future success. By weaving the THREAD of the company’s iconic history by coming back to New York City, where it all began, into the modernization of their structure, design and menu, we gave a nod & thanks to the past and looked forward to a bright future.

Engaging content and forecasting, along with interactive ARS sessions & tastings, set the stage for future success. That THREAD continued with a whole lot of fun – 50-year anniversary celebrations included a confetti-filled opening, a transformation of Rockefeller Center into a day-in-the-life of New York City, and a Decades party on the U.S.S. Intrepid – complete with do-wop, roller skates, rubix cubes, Top Gun, the grunge movement all the way to “and beyond.” The result? The THREAD was felt and seen by the end of the week as guests left NYC filled with company pride and an energized outlook.